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Toshiba is the world leader in high-speed quantum cryptographic systems. Based on decades of scientific research, we have taken on the challenges of this unexplored field and have pioneered the path to practical use. 

By adopting Quantum Key Distribution, organisations can protect their communication infrastructure from today’s vast array of cyber-threats, as well as those of tomorrow. Already, hackers are using techniques such as harvest and decrypt, where data is scraped and stored today with the aim of decrypting it once they have the capability to do so through advances with supercomputers, the realisation of a quantum computer, or the discovery of new techniques for cryptanalysis. With QKD, any data which requires long-term protection is not only secure in today’s IT landscape, but also future-proofed to remain protected in the impending quantum age.

Robust levels of security are required in many sectors. In healthcare, the technology has been applied to ensure the secure transmission of genome data in Japan. Within the public sector QKD is used to provide government with secure communications, in the finance industry to protect banking network infrastructure and in aerospace and pharmaceuticals to protect high-value long-life Intellectual Property. Equally, in the age of IoT and smart cities, the necessity for a robust, tamper-proof and ultra-sensitive infrastructure is essential to ensure day-to-day life operates without disruption both now and in the future.

For more information on the QKD solution, please visit https://www.global.toshiba/ww/products-solutions/security-ict/qkd.html

See how we are researching and developing the latest Quantum Technologies in our Cambridge Laboratory here:  

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