Toshiba Fellowship Programme (TFP)

Applications for Toshiba Fellowship Programme are expected to reopen in Autumn 2022

The Toshiba Fellowship Programme offers a unique opportunity for qualified PhD level scientists, to journey alongside Toshiba into innovation discovering a new world of research and development, as well as exploring and living a new cultural experience in Japan initially for one year.

Toshiba has been successfully operating the TFP since 1983, since when many exceptional researchers have participated, launching their careers with valuable industry experience and innovative research. Toshiba Fellows have gone on to enjoy globally diverse careers in academia, government and industry, building on the foundations of their research work at Toshiba's excellent facilities. 

The Fellow receives a generous package, including a fixed salary and relocation assistance to and from Japan, together with support and advice prior to and during their stay.

Sample List of Research Topics (TFP 2021)

  1. System Security for Infrastructure Control System
  2. Advanced Digital Health and Digital Twin Of People
  3. Research & Development of Information Acquisition and Collaboration Infrastructures for Smart Cities
  4. Realising a Safe and Secure City: Next-Generation Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sensing Technology
  5. Reliable AI Contributing to Trustworthy Infrastructure Services
  6. Super Accelerating Scientific Simulation with Physical Model Embedded Machine Learning Method for Real-Time Digital-Twin in Cyber Physical Systems
  7. Next-Generation Innovative Electronic Devices
  8. Automated Software Development

Please click here for further information on the Toshiba Fellowship Programme application process