Fellowship - Topic 3: Research and Development of Information Acquisition and Collaboration Infrastructures for Smart Cities

Job Reference: 000135

Location: Japan

Closing Date: 11/04/2021

Job Posted Date: 09/12/2020

Salary: C10M JPY

Employment Type: Toshiba Fellowship

Business Type: Research & Development

Topic 3: Research and Development of Information Acquisition and Collaboration Infrastructures for Smart Cities


IoT technologies such as the cloud, wide-area communication network, and so on have made it possible to collect data of infrastructures such as energy, communication, transportation, crime, and disaster information.

However, at present, these data are still only used in their own domains, for example, power consumption data is limited to only power companies. Meaning a "smart service" which links data from one domain to another in a different organizations has not yet been created (e.g., between companies).

In order to invent resilient smart city functions, which lead to disaster prevention / mitigation and sustainable smart city functions and which lead to de-carbonization. It is necessary to link data from these various domains efficiently and securely to analysis and control. The development of the infrastructure (platforms, data formats, etc.) to link the information has become an issue. More specifically, development of secure data distribution method, ensuring scalability for large and wide variety data, and development of standardized APIs for data sharing, etc.

Toshiba have businesses in the multiple infrastructure domains such as energy, building facility, industrial equipment, and so on. There is an opportunity for us to contribute to further smartening of society by utilizing data from these areas.

Suggested Research Proposals

  • Research on platform technology for data utilization between smart city infrastructures, for examples, system linkage, middleware, APIs, for System of Systems (SoS) and infrastructure services that utilize this.
  • Research on data control technology (flow control, integrity, authenticity, traceability, etc.) for securely linking and distributing data across various domains (industrial areas, regions, processes, etc.).

Related Papers

[1] ITU-T Y.4201 : High-level requirements and reference framework of smart city platforms
[2] Larissa Romualdo-Suzuki and Anthony Finkelstein, "Data as Infrastructure for Smart Cities: Linking Data Platforms to Business Strategies", 2020, arXiv:2005.11414 [cs.CY]


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