Train Timetable Planning Consultant
UK - London (Stockley Park)

Referencia laboral: 00103

País: UK - London (Stockley Park)

Fecha de cierre: 09/02/2020

Trabajo disponible desde: 08/01/2020

Salario: Negotiable

Tipo de empleo: Contractor/Consultant

Departamento: Transportation Systems

Toshiba has recently announced it will provide a digital-twin based train planning service for the UK market. Whilst the main team is working in Japan HQ, we are seeking new members who can work in UK and support the project locally. The successful candidates will:  

  • Communicate with both customers in UK and Toshiba team in Japan, acting as a key bridge builder with local knowledge
  • Simulate and propose future timetables to customers by using Toshiba railway digital twin platform, working with the team in Japan 

The key responsibilities and tasks will include:

  • Visiting customers and discussing their interest/issues/aspirations
  • Sharing customer requests/aspirations with Toshiba team members in UK and Japan
  • Based on the requests/aspirations, analysing and simulating to create proposals for improved timetable/future timetable
  • Developing and maintaining the digital twin, collecting the data sources from Network Rail/TOCs/other possible railway industry related companies.
  • Based on the request from Tokyo team, research the necessary information, regulations and train planning rules and report to the team.

Other Duties could included:

  • Visiting potential new customers and making presentations about our services
  • Supporting marketing and promotional events
  • Attending conferences/exhibitions or attending meetings to create relationship with railway industry stake holders (e.g,  Network Rail, DfT, University etc) 
  • Other duties as agreed

Required Skills and Experience

  • Train planning experience (LTP and STP) in TOC
  • Performance analytics experience in TOC
  • Time-table simulation / modelling role in Network Rail
  • Consultant for Railway sector
  • Excellent knowledge about UK railway operation:
    • Train planning rules
    • Timetable development process
    • Train /Crew Diagram development process
  • Timetable software operation skills /experiences
    • Voyager plan, Attunes, IVU, Tracsis, etc
  • Basic knowledge of Network Rail Train planning systems:
    • Railsys
  • Excellent level of English, verbal and written
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good PC skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Ability to exercise judgment in handling confidential/sensitive information
  • Strong organisation skills
  • Strong numeracy skills
  • Interest in / knowledge of Japanese business culture and language
  • Ambition for applying  new methodology for Train planning
  • Proactive and cooperative work style for remote project team base working


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