Project Manager (Software)
Spain - Madrid

Työsuositus: 000440

Sijainti: Spain - Madrid

Sulkeutumispäivä: 03/07/2023

Työilmoituksen julkaisupäivä: 12/05/2023

Palkka: • Toshiba is the market leading provider of Retail Technology globally and provides competitive salaries and benefits package.

Työllisyystyyppi: Permanent - Full-time

Yritystyyppi: Retail Solutions

About Toshiba Global Commercial Solutions:

At Toshiba, our purpose is to create opportunities that make the retail journey you want a reality. That’s driven by our passion to give you expert guidance and the solutions you need to choose your direction, navigate obstacles, and accelerate forward to reimagine how you engage your customers in ways they’ve never seen.

The ability to innovate is the key to retail success. That’s why we invest in future technologies that enable retailers to innovate faster to keep up with continuously evolving customer expectations.

Bringing the retailer’s vision to life starts with creating the right strategy. We work with our clients to understand their requirements and then create a strategy that supports their business goals. We also evaluate their long-term needs and create new processes, solutions or programs truly tuned to make their business shine today and in the future.

As part of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, you'll be an integral partner to the success of our customers. We're passionate about retail transformation and solving the problem that retailers face every day to help them create more engaging shopping experiences.


As the Project Manager (Software) for TGCS Spain, you will be responsible for providing specialist technical software/hardware support and supervising projects. You will support and advise our customers and Service employees in the event of complex problems/malfunctions. Demonstrating confident communication skills, you will design and deliver training to the Services staff, on software/hardware and software/hardware documentation and procedures.

The successful candidate will coordinate activities and ensure the optimal cooperation of the various departments within the organization, ensuring that the formulated project objectives are realized inline with the wider business strategy.


This opportunity offers the flexibility of hybrid working. The ideal candidate will be comfortable commuting to the TGCS office location in Madrid, Spain.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Realizing customer pilots/configurations for installations, products, and solutions. (30%) 
  2. Providing telephone support to customers and service employees in case of complex problems / malfunctions of software / hardware. (25%)
    1. Supporting the service staff.
    2. Acquire knowledge about new products and solutions.
    3. Advising/instructing the customer to solve the malfunction.
    4. Advising on the prevention of recurrence.
  3. Writing training programs that are in line with TGCS practice. (20%)
    1. Stay informed of all changes and changes of a product/system.
    2. Write the content of the training courses.
    3. Describe documentation and instructions regarding the software/hardware.
  4. Carrying out the training programs, related to software/hardware, by training service employees. (10%)
  5. Providing documentation/procedures to the staging & installation departments upon the introduction of new software/hardware and/or changes in this regard. (10%)
  6. Performing all other activities that are determined by / in consultation with the manager.

This is not an exhaustive list, and you may be asked to carry out other activities throughout your employment.

What you will bring to the team:


  • 3+ years of experience in proven project management execution.
  • 3+ years of experience in IT or Retail industries.
  • Previous experience working with large retailers as a service provider, software provider or consulting company.
  • Previous customer-facing experience in either software, hardware, or services domains.
  • Familiar with methodologies in project implementation matters.
  • Software / Services consultancy and implementation skills.
  • Experience working with and installing Software/Cloud Services.
  • Knowledge of the most common cloud public providers (Google, AWS, etc).
  • Proficient in computer skills including MS Word, Excel, and Power Point.
  • You are a team-player, and you adopt solution-oriented thinking.
  • You are a go-getter, stress-resistant and flexible.
  • Demonstrate capabilities in leadership and conduct consultant teams in Services Projects.
  • Able to achieve organizational objectives through effective planning, punctuality, organizational, coordination, decision making, and time management skills.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or computer Science degrees, desired.
  • Previous experience working with Retail POS Software.
  • Existing relationships with decision makers in Retail segment.

Salary Information:

  • Toshiba is the market leading provider of Retail Technology globally and provides competitive salaries and benefits package.