Fellowship - Topic 7: Next-Generation Innovative Electronic Devices

Job Reference: 000127

Location: Japan

Closing Date: 05/04/2021

Job Posted Date: 09/12/2020

Salary: C10M JPY

Employment Type: Toshiba Fellowship

Business Type: Research & Development

Topic 7: Next-Generation Innovative Electronic Device


Toshiba aims to be a CPS (Cyber Physical System) technology company that creates and provides new services and solutions using CPS technology. We are working on power semiconductor device technology, sensing device technology, and information storage device technology as technologies that support CPS technology, and in the future, we will promote further high functionality and high performance by integrating with IoT and AI technology. Specifically, we aim to create the following innovative next-generation devices and module technologies.

1) Next-generation high-performance power semiconductor device technology [1,2] and innovative intelligent power semiconductor module technology using Si, SiC, and GaN.
2) Innovative sensing device / module technology based on semiconductor technology such as MEMS [3,4].
3) Development of next-generation information storage device and spintronic device / module technology by integrating spintronic technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning[5,6].


Suggested Research Proposals

The following are examples of research themes that we expect as research proposals.

  • Research and development of innovative power semiconductor devices using Si, SiC and GaN that realize power saving.
  • Research on an approach for improving the performance of power semiconductor devices using AI technology.
  • Development of intelligent power semiconductor modules using advanced digital circuit technology.
  • Research on device control technology for inertial sensors and sensor fusion technology for position estimation.
  • Research on spintronic device design and data processing application technology for ultra-large capacity HDDs.
  • Research on device analysis and CPS module technology for innovative and ultra-sensitive spintronic sensors.

Not limited to examples described here, we look forward to receiving research proposals for future technologies related to innovative next-generation devices and module technologies in CPS fields.

Related Papers

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This position is now closed. We are no longer accepting applications for this position.